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Customer Support

WAKS has chosen Neofill as our credit card processor and deal voucher distributor- please contact the friendly staff at Neofill with any customer support questions you may have.

Neofill (Northeastern Ohio Fulfillment Center)
650 S. Prospect Ave.
Hartville, OH 44632
Toll-free: 1-866-311-9806

Restaurant Inquiries

Would your restaurant or business like to participate in Half-Off Hook-Up?  We'd love to hear from you; for inquiries please contact:

6200 Oak Tree Blvd, 4th Floor

Independence, OH 44131
Phone: 216-520-2600
Fax: 216-524-2600

This restaurant listing is powered by NeoFill, LLC- pioneers of the half-off restaurant deal voucher. Take your restaurant to the next step and inquire about Neofill's half off restaurant deal vouchers now!

If you are a Restaurant or Merchant that would like to participate in Half-Off Hook-Up,
Click Here to submit your contact information.

If you are a Customer and have a favorite Restaurant or Merchant you would like to see featured on Half-Off Hook-Up, Click here


If you have an urgent matter and the office is closed (Business Hours are: Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm), please Click here